Available on backorder

Available on backorder

This is a preorder for HUSH Holsters Thumb release Suppressor Capable Holster for the HOLOSUN PID family of lights.


ETA is Late May 2023, but could be earlier.


This Preorder will get you $20 off the final purchase price of the holster.

If you look at the other holsters we have made, you’ll see the general idea of how it will look when finally finished, prototypes should have photos late March 2023.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I Have Any Guarantee?

Yes, if you have any issues with your holster, we will get you sorted out. Contact customer service with your issues and we will determine if abuse has occured. We are enthusiasts as well and want good products but keep in mind these holsters due to their ability to use a suppressor have some design compromises that must be recognized in comparison to full coverage holsters.

Which firearms is this compatible with?

The Hush Holster is compatible with any handgun that can accept a WML (weapon mounted light)

Does this work for left handed people?

Sure does! The left handed versions of all holsters work the same as the regular, but flipped to the other side! Lefties rejoice!

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