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  • Which firearms/suppressors fit?

    The vast majority of firearms using rail systems that can accept a TLR1 light will function fine with the HUSH Holster, some may have more or less coverage depending on the specific setup and any custom modifications. Please look at the running list of fitments if you have any questions about your handgun/suppressor. Some suppressors that are non cylindrical may have issues with the holster.

  • Is 3D printing strong enough for duty use?

    3D printed parts can be stronger compared to parts designed for injection molding. Parts designed to be 3D printed originally can use the technology to amplify their strengths and remove their weaknesses. So is this holster ready for duty use? Further testing will confirm, but HUSH Holsters believes that in the near future these holsters will be rated for duty usage in all conditions.

  • What is Vapor Fusing?

    One of the most exciting secondary finishing techniques HUSH Holsters employs on our Multi Jet Fusion parts is Vapor Smoothing. This process uses the smoothing machine to expose parts to a vaporized solvent gas, which reorders the surface molecules to smooth the part without affecting the dimensions. Not only does this process improve the surface finish of the parts, but tests have shown that the parts are also made more tough, and elongation is improved

  • Left Handed Options?

    Left handed Holsters are available for every SKU, they are identical to the right handed units in function but obviously made for the left hand!

Delivery and Shipment

We work very hard to have these holsters shipped out ASAP, Allow 2-3 weeks for delivery, but let me surprise you!

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